Mid Term Presentations on 14 December

The following groups will give a short (10 minutes including time for questions) presentation on their project:

  1. Jorik Jonker and Matthijs Dee
  2. Wouter Joosse and Frank van Gils
  3. Michiel Horsman and Maarten Witteman
  4. Maher Ben Moussa and Marco Pasch
  5. Ferdi Meijerink and Wietze Spijkerman
  6. Bas Fournier and David Kornalijnslijper
  7. Dennis Doubovsky
  8. Arjen Hoekstra
  9. Manon Penning and Cornelis Verbruggen

Please put your presentation slides (Powerpoint or PDF) to the discussion section of this news item.

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