Project Presentations on 26 October

The following winning groups are invited to give a 25 minute presentation and if applicable demonstrate their work:

  • Tjitze Rienstra, Ronald Paul, and Joost de Wit, “Geographic Information System, A nontraditional database application”,
  • Hielke Hoeve and Bobby Nijssen, “GIS implementation with MySQL”

The following groups get a `honourly mentioning' and are invited to give a small presentation and demonstration of 15 minutes maximum:

  • Remko Bijker, Ruud van Kessel, and Jeroen Steenbeeke, “PIST: Parachute Instruction System Twente”,
  • Jeroen Versteeg and Marc de Jonge, “MapShuffle”

I hope to see you all at the presentations!

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Project update

I hope everyone is well on their way with the project. The deadlines for the project are as follows. Send in you prepared presentations no later than 24 October. I will ask the best project A and project B groups to give a short (about 20 minutes with some time for questions) presentation during the lecture of 26 October. The deadline for reports/software is 28 October. Please note that project description in the archive of the TeleTOP site still contained last year's deadline (19 October 2004), which resulted in some of you being really in a hurry. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The deadlines are as stated above (and in the Roster).

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Advanced Databases Update

Your lecturer is feeling better again! Lecture slides of the cancelled lecture will be available from the archive later today.

Please note that there is little morre than 2 weeks to finish the project. Many students did not register their project group. Please, form groups of two or three persons and send me the following information (see also slides lecture 4) as soon as possible:

  • names of group members
  • subproject A or subproject B?

The results for the mini praciticum are known: Most students did well. Some have the chance to send in a revised version this week. Example results and additional explanation of the mini practicum will be available next week on TeleTOP.

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Mini Practicum

Thursday 22 September, 5/6 hour there will be a mini pracitum in ZI-Westzaal 1 and 2. The objective of the mini practicum assignment is to get some hand-on experience with physical database design and apply the theory from Chapter 9, 10 and 11 to actual query execution plans. It is possible to complete the assignment in approximately two or three hours. After the practium you should hand in your assignments. Deadline: 28 September 2005.

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Change of rooms

Yesterday, Wednesday September 7, it turned out that the room originally scheduled is too small. All lectures have now been rescheduled to another room. The 2005 lectures will be in the Ravelijn building, the remaining two lectures in 2006 in the Langezijds building. See the Roster for details.

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The lectures have been scheduled now and lecturers are assigned whenever possible. In the first quartile, there will be real lectures. A number of lectures will be given by guest lecturers. In the second quartile, you will do a practical assignment. We will still meet at the times scheduled for the lectures, but we will use the time to exchange experiences, discuss problems and solutions, and in general to keep aware of each other's progress. Students are expected to attend all lectures!

All lectures are on Wednesday, 13.45-15.30 hrs. Please note that there may be some changes in the subjects, depending on the availability of guest lecturers. The room is not known yet.

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Welcome to Advanced Database Systems

The organisation of the course is such, that there is something for everyone: a little bit of home work, a mini practicum, a little project, a written exam, and quite some talking from my side. It will be hard work and hopefully it is going to be fun. Hope to see you at the lectures.

Best regards,  Djoerd Hiemstra.

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