Ranked XML Querying Seminar

Participants of the Dagstuhl seminar on Ranked XML Querying

The goal of the Dagstuhl seminar on Ranked XML Querying is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the database (DB), the information retrieval (IR) and the web/applications communities, and create an environment where the distinct communities collaboratively work on understanding the similarities and differences between their various approaches for querying XML data with heterogeneous structure and content, and benefit from each other's experiences.

The workshop was attended by 27 people from three different research communities: database systems (DB), information retrieval (IR), and Web. The seminar title was interpreted in an IR-style „andish“ sense (it covered also subsets of {Ranking, XML, Querying}, with larger sets being favored) rather than the DB-style strictly conjunctive manner. So in essence, the seminar really addressed the integration of DB and IR technologies with Web 2.0 being an important target area.

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