Reind van de Riet passed away

Prof. Reind van de Rietby Roel Wieringa

Yesterday evening Prof. Reind van de Riet, former chair and co-founder of SIKS passed away unexpectedly, at the age of 69. Reind has contributed to the growth and identity of SIKS in an important way and initiated a considerable number of the senior researchers of SIKS in the world of science. Some of us will remember him as an intellectual father. We will miss his unique presence at SIKS-related conferences.

One thought on “Reind van de Riet passed away”

  1. Reind's death is a great shock to us all. He was our house guest 9 Dec-13 Dec 2008, and we had a very pleasant time. A nice lunch with our grandson at Fishermen's wharf, a day in the redwoods with a little hike with our other grandkids, a short presentation at Stanford, a meeting with Terry Winograd, joining the annual emeriti reception hosted by John Hennessy, meeting with Don Knuth, his wife Jill, and other faculty there, a Baroque concert at Herbts, and on the morning of his departure listening to the organist at St. Mary's preparing for the Sunday concert. So we covered many of his wide-ranging interests, but we are sad not being able to repeat it when Voy and I are in Holland next June. He was always so proud of having devoted his life to the VU, attracting students and faculty that are now well-known throughout. My best wishes and condolences to all of you. Gio

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