Scientific programmer and post-doctoral positions

We have two job positions in the MultimediaN project.

Position 1: Speech Technology
SHoUT is an open source speech recognition toolkit developed at the University of Twente. SHoUT is a Dutch acronym for: “Spraak Herkennings Onderzoek Universiteit Twente”, or in English: “Speech Recognition Research at the University of Twente”. SHoUT is used to aid research on large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, including research into the application of statistical language models, audio segmentation and classification, speaker diarization and machine learning hyper parameter estimation for speech recognition.

Position 2: Search Engine Technology
PF/Tijah (Pathfinder/Tijah, pronounce as “Pee Ef Teeja”) is a flexible open source text search system developed at the University of Twente in cooperation with CWI Amsterdam and TU München. The system is integrated in the Pathfinder XQuery compiler and can be downloaded as part of the MonetDB/XQuery database system. PF/Tijah is used to aid research in information retrieval at the University of Twente, including the application of language models to search, entity retrieva, and implementation of the W3C candidate recommendation XQuery Full-Text.

[Official Job Advertisement] (deadline: August 1, 2008)