SIKS-day 2008 in Utrecht

On October 2, 2008, the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) organizes its annual SIKS-day. The location will be City Castle Oudaen in Utrecht.

The main aim of the event is to give SIKS-members, participating in research groups all over the country, the opportunity to meet each other in an informal setting and to inform them about current developments and some new activities and plans for the coming year. This year a small scientific symposium will be organized at the SIKS-day as well. Four invited speakers have agreed to perform:

  • Wil van der Aalst (TUE), “Creating Better Information Systems with Process Mining”
  • Rafael Bordini (Durham, UK), “The State of Multi-Agent Programming”
  • Tom Heskes (RUN), “Bayesian machine learning: theory and applications”
  • Maarten de Rijke (UVA), “Retrieving Entities”

By inviting these researchers we hope to have selected the right ingredients for a memorable day. All members of our research school(research fellows, associated members and Ph.D.-students) as well as the members of SIKS' Advisory Board and our alumni are invited to participate.

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