Information Extraction and Linking in a Retrieval Context

Marie-Francine Moens and I will give a tutorial at ECIR 2009 on using the results of information extraction and linking for retrieval systems. The tutorial's main goal is to give the participants a clear and detailed overview of content modeling approaches and tools, and the integration of their results into ranking functions. A small set of integrated and interactive exercises will sharpen the understanding by the audience. By attending the tutorial, attendants will:

  • Acquire an understanding of current information extraction, topic modeling and entity linking techniques;
  • Acquire an understanding of ranking models in information retrieval;
  • Be able to integrate the (probabilistic) content models into the ranking models;
  • Be able to choose a model for retrieval that is well-suited for a particular task and to integrate the necessary content models.

The tutorial includes several motivating examples and applications among which are expert search using output from named entity tagging, connecting names to faces in videos for person search using output from named entity tagging and face detection, video search using output from concept detectors, and spoken document retrieval using speech lattices and posterior probabilities of recognized words. The examples will be combined in a larger case study: Retrieval of news broadcast video.

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More info at the ECIR tutorial page.