SIKS PhD Career Day

Imagine. After four (or more) years of hard labour you finally got what you wished for. You have been granted a PhD! Congratulations! … Now what!? During your PhD you may have wondered:

– Which career options do I have after my PhD?
Currently, there are around 200 SIKS PhD alumni. Around 40% of the graduated SIKS PhD's now work in academia. Others work in companies on subjects that are either related or unrelated to their PhD subject, whereas some start their own company. What options do you have?

– What does my dream job look like?
How does a day in the life of a university professor differ from one of a consultant or an entrepreneur? Each job requires different skills and offers different challenges. How can you find out which job suits you best?

– How do I get it?
So you have a long list of publications about the meta-heuristic complexity of recursive retrieval of ubiquitous agent mining in Prolog. Who wouldn't want an expert in this? What else do the various jobs want in a PhD and how can you prepare for that? How does a PhD compare with a MSc with four years working experience? How can you plan your career to get that dream job?

The SIKS PhD Career Day aims at helping you answer these questions. Different people – from academia, companies and research institutes – will give their personal and professional perspective on the three central questions. During this intensive, highly interactive course you will not only listen to presentations but you also have the opportunity to talk to (research) institutes and companies in private. This course is intended for SIKS PhD students in every stage of their PhD, but may be especially interesting for those in a later stage. But also SIKS-alumni are cordially invited to participate.

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