Erwin de Moel graduates on managing recorded lectures for Collegerama

Expanding the usability of recorded lectures: A new age in teaching and classroom instruction

by Erwin de Moel

The status of recorded lectures at Delft University of Technology has been studied in order to expand its usability in their present and future educational environment. Possibilities for the production of single file vodcasts have been tested. These videos allow for an increased accessibility of their recorded lectures through the form of other distribution platforms. Furthermore the production of subtitles has been studied. This was done with an ASR system called SHoUT, developed at University of Twente, and machine translation of subtitles into other languages. SHoUT generated transcripts always require post-processing for subtitling. Machine translation could produce translated subtitles of sufficient quality. Navigation of recorded lectures needs to be improved, requiring input of the lecturer. Collected metadata from lecture chapter titles, slide data (titles, content and notes) as well as ASR results have been used for the creation of a lecture search engine, which also produces interactive tables of content and tag clouds for each lecture. Recorded lectures could further be enhanced with time-based discussion boards, for the asking and answering of questions. Further improvements have been proposed for allowing recorded lectures to be re-used in recurring online-based courses.

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