Guest lecture by Peter Dickman from Google

Friday 26 November, Peter Dickman from Google will talk about Google's infrastructure. The lecture will start at 10:30 h. (so 15 minutes earlier than usual) in RA-1501.

This a rapid overview of the approach Google uses to develop and offer global products. I will briefly (and somewhat superficially) cover the whole of our infrastructure from physical systems, such as the data centers, through the software stack to our software development methodology and the corporate engineering culture that both builds and utilizes the infrastructure.

Peter Dickman is an engineering manager in Google's main European engineering centre in Zurich. He is involved with both the internals of the Google search engine and projects to protect user data in Google's systems. Prior to working at Google, Peter was an academic in the UK, researching large-scale distributed systems (though on arrival at Google he discovered what large really meant).

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  1. Djoerd Hiemstra says:

    Peter Dickman

    The slides from Peter Dickman's guest lecture are not “cleared” by Google, so we can not provide them here. Instead, have a look at Google hero Jeff Dean's slides at:

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