PhD-position: semantic linking of multimedia content

The digital library of the future will be a dynamic and highly networked entity, consisting of both the original documents and user-generated annotations and links to and from external resources. Among other things, the Human Media Interaction (HMI) group of the University of Twente investigates the possibilities for multimedia content analysis and information linking to support and provide facilities for navigating and exploring digital libraries with content in a variety of formats including text, audio, images and video. There is funding available for a PhD position starting from January 2010.

The PhD research will be carried out in the context of AXES, a multidisciplinary research project funded by the EU (FP7, Digital Libraries). The research will focus on deploying diverse, automatically generated, time-labeled annotations -for example those coming from automatic speech recognition- for connecting heterogeneous data sources, and will be strongly evaluation-driven.

More information (deadline: 21 November)