Query Load Balancing in P2P Search

Query Load Balancing by Caching Search Results in Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval Networks

by Almer Tigelaar and Djoerd Hiemstra

For peer-to-peer web search engines it is important to keep the delay between receiving a query and providing search results within an acceptable range for the end user. How to achieve this remains an open challenge. One way to reduce delays is by caching search results for queries and allowing peers to access each others cache. In this paper we explore the limitations of search result caching in large-scale peer-to-peer information retrieval networks by simulating such networks with increasing levels of realism. We find that cache hit ratios of at least thirty-three percent are attainable.

The paper will be presented at the 11th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop (DIR) on February 4 in Amsterdam

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