Joost Wolfswinkel graduates on enriching ontologies

Semi-Automatically Enriching Ontologies: A Case Study in the e-Recruiting Domain

by Joost Wolfswinkel

The thesis is inspired by a practical problem that was identified by Epiqo. Epiqo is an Austrian company that wants to expand to other countries within Europe and to other domains within Austria with their e-Recruiter system. For the e-Recruiter system to work, it needs domain specific ontologies. These ontologies need to be built from the ground up by domain experts, which is a time-consuming and thus expensive endeavor. This fueled the question from Epiqo whether this could be done (semi-)automatically.

The current research presents a solution for semi-automatically enriching domain specific ontologies. We adapt the general Ontology-Based Information Extraction (OBIE) architecture of Wimalasuriya and Dou (2010), to be more suitable for domain-specific applications by automatically generating a domain-specific semantic lexicon. We then apply this general solution to the case-study of Epiqo. Based on this architecture we develop a proof-of-concept tool and perform some explorative experiments with domain experts from Epiqo. We show that our solution has the potential to provide qualitative “good” enough ontologies to be comparable to standard ontologies.

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