Study tour completed

We are back from the two week China tour organized by Inter-Actief: 28 students, 4 cities (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong), 14 company and university visits in 14 days!

Visit at Tsinghua University

Top 3 university visits: 1) Tsingua University in Beijing with a very warm welcome by prof. Ling Feng, excellent talks and an impressive campus tour; 2) Jiao Tong University in Shanghai with interesting talks and students demoing their design challenge results; 3) Tongji University, Shanghai with interesting presentations and campus tour.

Visit at MSR Asia

Top 3 company visits: 1) Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing with a excellent welcome by Tetsuya Sakai, some really awesome tech talks and a cool tour through the lab (see team photo); 2) Philips Design, Hong Kong with interesting talks and some of us participating in an experiment; 3) MotionGlobal, Shanghai, with very inspiring talks and an 'international' office tour. Two runner ups worth mentioning: 4) Nedap in Shanghai, and 5) Alibaba in Hangzhou.

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