Cancer Early Detection Campaigns on Twitter

It is official! Twitter awards the University of Twente with a prestigious Twitter #DataGrant (with Tijs van den Broek, Michel Ehrenhard and Ariana Need). Twitter awarded 6 out 1,300 proposals.

Our research project aims to study the diffusion process and effectiveness of cancer early detection campaigns. We plan to analyse popular Twitter campaigns covering different types of cancer and geographical scopes, such as #Mamming (breast cancer), #Movember (prostate cancer), #DaveDay (pancreatic cancer) and #HPVReport (cervical cancer). We aim to map the diffusion process in detail by determining key events and actors that accelerate the diffusion process. Social network analysis will reveal if and when the campaign leads to word-of-mouth discussion, promotion and responses. We also aim to assess the effectiveness of the campaigns by comparing the frequency and sentiment of mentions of a particular type of cancer (e.g. breast cancer in case of #mamming) before and after the campaign.

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