Twente Data Science Center

Scientific and economic progress is increasingly powered by our capabilities to explore big datasets. Data is the driving force behind the successful innovation of Internet companies like Google, Twitter, and Yahoo, and job advertisements show an increasing need for data scientists and big data analysts. Data scientists dig for value in data by analyzing for instance texts, application usage logs, and sensor data. The need for data scientists and big data analysts is apparent in almost every sector in our society, including business, health care, and education.

The Twente Center for Data Science is a collaboration between research groups of the University of Twente to research, promote and facilitate big data analysis for all scientific disciplines. The center operates by the participants sharing their expertise, sharing their contacts, sharing their data, and sharing their research infrastructure (hardware and software) for large-scale data analysis.

The Twente Data Science Center offers a unique combination of expertise in computer science, mathematics, management, behavioral sciences and social sciences; collaborations with leading international companies such as Google, Twitter and Yahoo; and local infra­structure and support for the analysis of very large datasets.

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