Anna Priante defends PhD thesis on online social movement campaigns

by Anna Priante

Social movement organizations widely use social media to organize
collective action for social change, such as cancer awareness campaigns.
However, little is known about how effective online social movement
campaigns are at generating social change by translating online action
into meaningful (offline) action. This dissertation examines the
micro-mobilization dynamics at play that can explain the effectiveness
of online social social movement campaigns. This book comprises seven
chapters presenting research based on a multidisciplinary, mixed-method
approach, combining theories and methods from sociology, social
psychology, communication science, and computational social science. The
findings show that, with mobilization dynamics of collective action, we
can gain an important understanding of the mechanisms at work during
online social movement campaigns and of the effectiveness of such
campaigns in fostering communication processes related to the cause,
obtaining important resources for the cause, developing a collective
identity, and raising awareness.

[download pdf]

Anna’s defense was the 5000th PhD defense at the UT!

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