Welcome to Information Modelling and Databases

We are excited to announce a new course setup for the topics Information Modeling and Databases that will be combined this year into a single new course. We will consider design practices and tools that are relevant for the entire software system’s life cycle. We will study how to accurately model a system by understanding the domain under consideration, to specify the boundaries of the domain, to identify the relevant concepts in the domain and their relationships, and to specify the rules or constraints of the behaviour of those concepts. We will use relational database technology — one of the most successful inventions in computer science — to implement the data part of our model. Relational databases are great tools for storing large amounts of data persistently, and they allow efficient, safe, multi-user access to that data. We will study SQL to formulate and answer complex questions on the data in a declarative way. The course consists of lectures and practical assignments. More information will be published shortly on Brightspace.

Wishing you a fruitful, interesting course,
Patrick van Bommel and Djoerd Hiemstra.