Web Analytics & Privacy workshop

On Thursday 23 December, the NoGA team organizes the first Web Analytics and Privacy workshop with in the morning a demonstration of the open source analytics system Matomo, and in the afternoon two excellent guest speakers: Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius and Güneş Acar.

Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius will talk about behavioural targeting, privacy, and the law, discussesing the troubled relationship between contemporary advertising technology (adtech) systems, in particular systems of real-time bidding (RTB, also known as programmatic advertising) underpinning much behavioural targeting on the web and through mobile applications.

Güneş Acar will talk about browser fingerprinting and personal data exfiltration on the web, discussing the results of a study into data exfiltration by third-party scripts directly embedded on web pages. Specifically, Güneş will discuss three attacks: misuse of browsers’ internal login managers, social data exfiltration, and whole-DOM exfiltration.

More information at: https://nogadata.nl/wap2021.html