Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop 2021½

DIR 2021½

The program for DIR2021½ is out. DIR 2021½ will run on four consecutive Fridays as online Search Engine Amsterdam meetups. Register now!

Session 1, 4 February 2022

  • Keynote 1 by Maria Maistro (Uni. of Copenhagen): How can we measure reproducibility of IR experiments?

Session 2, 11 February 2022

  • Ali Vardasbi (University of Amsterdam): Mixture-Based Correction for Position and Trust Bias in Counterfactual Learning to Rank
  • Sepideh Mesbah (Randstad Groep): Using RobBERT and eXtreme Multi-Label Classification to Extract Implicit and Explicit Skills From Dutch Job Descriptions
  • Hideaki Joko (Radboud University): Conversational Entity Linking: Problem Definition and Datasets
  • Liesbeth Allein (KU Leuven): Time-aware evidence ranking for fact-checking
  • Mozhdeh Ariannezhad (University of Amsterdam): Understanding Multi-channel Customer Behavior in Retail

Session 3, 18 February 2022

  • Garett Allen (TU Delft): Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Why Using the “Right” Readability Formula in Children’s Web Search Matters
  • Carsten Schnober (WizeNoze): Neural Information Retrieval for Educational Resources
  • Olivier Jeunen (Amazon): Embarrassingly shallow auto-encoders for dynamic collaborative filtering
  • Zhe Roger (TU Delft): Leave No User Behind: Towards Improving the Utility of Recommender Systems for Non-mainstream Users
  • Harrie Oosterhuis (Radboud University): Computationally Efficient Optimization of Plackett-Luce Ranking Models for Relevance and Fairness

Session 4, 25 February 2022

  • Keynote 2 by Gabriella Kazai (Microsoft Research): IR Evaluation – An Industry Perspective