Guest lecture by Hannes Mühleisen

We are proud to announce that Hannes Mühleisen will give a guest lecture on Tuesday 13 December at 13:30h. in LIN-2 for the course Information Modelling and Databases. Hannes Mühleisen is the creator of DuckDB and co-founder and CEO of DuckDB Labs. He is also a senior researcher of the Database Architectures group at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam. Students of the course use DuckDB to practice their SQL skills.

Analytical Query Processing and the DuckDB System

by Hannes Mühleisen

DBMSs have historically been created to support transactional (OLTP) workloads. However, a second use case, analytical data analysis (OLAP), quickly appeared. These workloads are characterised by complex, relatively long-running queries that process significant portions of the stored dataset, for example aggregations over entire tables or joins between several large tables. Its rather impossible for an OLTP-focused DBMS to perform well in OLAP scenarios, which is why specialised systems have been developed. In this lecture, I will introduce analytical query processing, give an overview over the state of the art in research and industry, and describe our own analytical DBMS, DuckDB.