[Advanced Databases]: Guest lecture 17 Oct at 10.40 h in WA-204: GIS and Geodatabases by Martin Engels of ESRI

Time and Place of next week's lecture on 17 October is changed to:

WA-204, at 10.40h. – 12.25h.

I would like to ask everyone to be present at the guest lecture. Martin Engels comes all the way from Leiden to talk about GIS. If you are unable to come, please let me know as soon as possile.

Title: GIS and Geodatabases: the ESRI approach
Speaker: Martin Engels, ESRI Netherlands
Room: WA-204
When: Wednesday 17 October 2007, 10:40 h. – 12:25 h.

About ESRI:
ESRI designs and develops the world's leading geographic information system (GIS) technology. GIS is an important tool – one that helps shape the world around us. GIS technology helps fight forest fires, determine new national boundaries during peace negotiations, find promising sites for fast-growing companies, rebuild cities around the world, support optimal land-use planning, route emergency vehicles, monitor rain forest depletion, contain oil spills, and perform countless other vital tasks every day. Today, ESRI has more than 4,000 skilled employees worldwide who work with hundreds of business partners and tens of thousands of users.

[Advanced Databases]: Practicum Advanced Databases over, project already started

I've put the project assignment for Advanced Database Systems on TeleTOP. Please send me as soon as possible the following information: 1) what project you plan to do (A or B), and 2) the name of the person you want to cooperate with.
Please note that the deadline for handing in the practicum assignment was last week: 25 September. If you have not handed in practicum results, and you want to keep on following the course, please do so today.

[Advanced Databases]: Welcome to Advanced Database Systems

Welcome to ADS! This course will have a little bit of everything: traditional lectures, home work assignments (on a voluntary basis), a small (half a day) practicum assignment, a small project, and a written exam. You are going to learn how relational databases work in practice: what happens inside the system when an SQL query is executed? In the 2nd part of the course, we are going to discuss applications for which relational databases do not provide a perfect solution: object-oriented data, semi-structured data, distributed data and online analytical processing.

See you in September,

[Advanced Databases]: The GIS Project has started

The GIS project assignment can be found on TeleTOP under 'Archive'. Please form groups of 2 – 3 persons and email me before 4 October 2006 the following information:

  • the persons in the group
  • what assignment will the group do: subproject A or subproject B?

Dead line of the project: 24 October 2006. Project end presentations are scheduled on Friday 27 October 2006 at 5/6 hour.

[Advanced Databases]: Minipracticum on indexing and query optimization

Friday 22 September, 5/6 hour there will be a mini pracitum in ZI-C4. The objective of the mini practicum assignment is to get some hand-on experience with physical database design and apply the theory from Chapter 9, 10 and 11 to actual query execution plans. It is possible to complete the assignment in approximately two or three hours. After the practium you should hand in your assignments. Deadline: 27 September 2006.