DB colloquium: Volker Krause of KDE.org


KDE, The K Desktop Environment: Conquer your desktop

Who: Volker Krause of KDE.org
When: Wednesday, 28 November 2007, 14.30 h. – 15.15 h.
Where: ZI-4126

Volker Krause of KDE.org will give an overview of what's new in KDE4. He will talk about Akonadi, the Personal Information Management (PIM) Storage Service of KDE. Furthermore, Volker will talk about the currently ongoing cooperations between various universities and KDE (students working on KDE in practical courses, thesis on KDE topics, EU-funded research projects).

[Information Retrieval]: Guest lecture by Wessel Kraaij (TNO-ICT) Wednesday 4 October, 13.45 h. in LA-1812

Title: The evaluation of information retrieval systems by Wessel Kraaij (TNO-ICT) Wednesday 4 October, 13.45 hour in LA-1812 This lecture provides the tools and methodology for comparing the effectiveness of two or more information retrieval systems in a meaningful way. Several aspects of information retrieval systems can be evaluated without consulting the potential users or customers of the system, such as for instance the query processing time (measured for instance in miliseconds per query) or the query throughput (measured for instance as the number of queries per second). This lecture, however, focuses on aspects of the system that in uence the quality of the retrieved results. In order to measure the quality of search results, one must at some point consult the potential user of the system. For, what are the correct results for the query “black jaguar”? Cars, or cats? Ultimately, the user has to decide….

New IR colloquium

We are going to start a new colloquium on information retrieval related topics. It should bring together people working in this field (from different floors of this building) to discuss their newest research as well as new developments in IR in general.

For the first session, that will be held on Tuesday 26.9. 11:00 in our meeting room No. 3126, Claudia has volunteered to give a report on the Clef conference in Alicante (just 2 days after she returns from Spain. So you will get the newest information possible). We will further discuss how we are going to continue these colloquium meetings.

So if you are interested in IR topics, put this date in you agenda…

DB master students colloquium, Friday 30 June at 13:30 h.

DB master students colloquium, Friday 30 June at 13:30 h. – 14:30 h. in L-200

The following people will present (please note that room and time are not the same as usual):

  • Yelei Zhang: Index processing for complex event detection
  • Gert-Jan Poulisse: Compression and preprocessing of mammograms

At 15.00 that day there will be Design Project presentations and there will be drinks at about 16.00 to close the year. Hope to see all of you there!

LEGO 3D Object Recognition

Design project presentation, Monday 26 June at 14:30 h – 15.15 h. ZI-3126
by Sander van Loon, Bastiaan van den Berg, Vincent Groenhuis, Frank Zijlstra, Andre van Herk.

Abstract (in Dutch): Het doel van de LEGO 3DORopdracht was, een (LEGO) systeem te bouwen waarmee willekeurige objecten ingescand kunnen worden en er een driedimensionale, digitale representatie te maken. Door een LEGO Mindstorms systeem te gebruiken, in combinatie met visualisatieapparatuur (een camera, infrarood/afstandssensor, voelspriet, etc.) moest een driedimensionaal model worden opgebouwd dat een computer kan weergeven (bij voorkeur het systeem dat de scan heeft uitgevoerd). In deze presentatie wordt het ontwerp van het systeem toegelicht. Aansluitend om 15.45 u. is er een demonstratie van het systeem tijdens de vijfde Twente Student Conference in ZI-Oostzaal.

DB master students colloquium, Friday 28 April, 14:00 h. room ZI-4126

On Friday's master students colloquium on 28 April 14.00 h. in room ZI-4126, the following people will present:

  • Dirk Kemper: “Fraud detection for Triple Deal Payment Services”
  • Arend-Jan Tetteroo: “A Bomb-proof Database Server for Technolution”

We will start with a quick round in which other students give a 1 minute report of what they've done this month and what they are up to.