SIGIR 2023 live at Radboud

On 24, 25 and 26 July we will follow the 46th International ACM SIGIR Conference online from lecture hall 0.28 in the Mercator building. We will start each morning at 8:30h. for the live stream from Tapei, Taiwan and watch recorded sessions and keynotes in the afternoon. There will be presentations from well-known Radboud researchers such as Harrie Oosterhuis, Chris Kamphuis and Negin Ghasemi! 😄 

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Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop 2021½

The program for DIR2021½ is out. DIR 2021½ will run on four consecutive Fridays as online Search Engine Amsterdam meetups. Register now!

Session 1, 4 February 2022

  • Keynote 1 by Maria Maistro (Uni. of Copenhagen): How can we measure reproducibility of IR experiments?

Session 2, 11 February 2022

  • Ali Vardasbi (University of Amsterdam): Mixture-Based Correction for Position and Trust Bias in Counterfactual Learning to Rank
  • Sepideh Mesbah (Randstad Groep): Using RobBERT and eXtreme Multi-Label Classification to Extract Implicit and Explicit Skills From Dutch Job Descriptions
  • Hideaki Joko (Radboud University): Conversational Entity Linking: Problem Definition and Datasets
  • Liesbeth Allein (KU Leuven): Time-aware evidence ranking for fact-checking
  • Mozhdeh Ariannezhad (University of Amsterdam): Understanding Multi-channel Customer Behavior in Retail

Session 3, 18 February 2022

  • Garett Allen (TU Delft): Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Why Using the “Right” Readability Formula in Children’s Web Search Matters
  • Carsten Schnober (WizeNoze): Neural Information Retrieval for Educational Resources
  • Olivier Jeunen (Amazon): Embarrassingly shallow auto-encoders for dynamic collaborative filtering
  • Zhe Roger (TU Delft): Leave No User Behind: Towards Improving the Utility of Recommender Systems for Non-mainstream Users
  • Harrie Oosterhuis (Radboud University): Computationally Efficient Optimization of Plackett-Luce Ranking Models for Relevance and Fairness

Session 4, 25 February 2022

  • Keynote 2 by Gabriella Kazai (Microsoft Research): IR Evaluation – An Industry Perspective

Participate in the Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop

The The 17th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop (DIR 2018) takes place in Leiden on 23 November 2018. DIR has a diverse 1-day programme with 2 keynotes, 5 talks, 7 posters and 4 demos!

The Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop (DIR) aims to serve as an international platform (with a special focus on the Netherlands and Belgium) for exchange and discussions on research & applications in the field of information retrieval and related fields.

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Call for ECIR short papers and posters

The European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) is the prime European forum for the presentation of original research in the field of Information Retrieval. ECIR 2019 is seeking high-quality and original submissions on theory, experimentation, and practice regarding the retrieval, representation, management, and usage of textual, visual and multi-modal information. ECIR strongly supports user, system, application, and evaluation focused papers:

  • User aspects including information interaction, contextualisation, personalisation, simulation, characterisation, and information behaviours.
  • System aspects including retrieval and recommendation algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, content representation, natural language processing, system architectures, and efficiency methods.
  • Applications such as search and recommender systems, web and social media apps, domain specific search (professional, bio, chem, etc.), novel interfaces, intelligent search agents/bots, and related innovative search tools.
  • Evaluation research including new measures and novel methods for the measurement and evaluation of users, systems and/or applications.

In addition to these traditional topic areas, ECIR 2019 will be encouraging the submissions of papers on:

  • New and Emerging Applications of IR including eHealth, precision medicine, early risk prediction, incident streams, digital text forensics, cultural and social informatics, life and biodiversity retrieval, living lab evaluations, conversational and intelligent search agents, and search as learning.

The Short Paper Track calls for original contributions presenting novel, thought-provoking ideas and addressing innovative application areas within the field of Information Retrieval. The inclusion of promising (preliminary) results is encouraged but not required. Papers that stimulate and promote discussion are particularly encouraged. Short paper submissions should be 6 pages in length plus additional pages for references.


Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop 2017

Send in your DIR 2017 submissions (novel, dissemination, or demo) before 15 October.

16th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop
Friday 24th of November 2017
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision,
Hilversum, the Netherlands

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

DIR 2017 aims to serve as an international platform (with a special focus on the Netherlands and Belgium) for exchange and discussions on research & applications in the field of information retrieval as well as related fields. We invite quality research contributions addressing relevant challenges. Contributions may range from theoretical work to descriptions of applied research and real-world systems. We especially encourage doctoral students to present their research.

This year’s edition is co-organized by the CLARIAH project that is developing a Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities in the Netherlands. Use cases in this infrastructure cover a wide range of IR related topics. To foster discussions between the IR community and CLARIAH researchers and developers, DIR2017 organizes a special session on IR related to data-driven research and data critique.

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SIGIR Call for Demos

ACM SIGIR is the major international forum for the presentation of new research results and for the demonstration of new systems and techniques for Information Retrieval (IR). SIGIR 2015 will be held in Santiago, Chile on 9-13 August 2015. The Conference and Program Chairs invite all those working in areas related to IR to submit original proposals for demonstrations.

Demonstrations present first-hand experience with research prototypes or operational systems. They provide opportunities to exchange ideas gained from implementing IR systems, and to obtain feedback from expert users. Accepted demonstration submissions will appear in the conference proceedings.

What makes a good demo?

A good demonstration submission is interesting to a SIGIR audience and shows a novel solution to a problem. The demonstration submission should address the following questions: What problem does my system solve? Who is my target user? What does my demonstration do and how does it work? How does it compare with existing systems? Finally, how and when will my technology have an impact? Demonstration submissions are welcome in any of the areas related to aspects of Information Retrieval (IR), as identified in the call for papers on the SIGIR website.


  • Submissions deadline (tentative): 18 February 2015.
  • Acceptance notifications (tentative): 20 April 2015.

Read the full Call for Demonstrations

ECIR Workshop on Group Membership and Search

From Republicans to Teenagers

We organize a workshop at ECIR’13 in Moscow that takes a group-centric approach to Information Retrieval and invites contributions that either (i) propose and evaluate IR systems for a particular user group or that (ii) describe how the search behavior of specific groups differ, potentially requiring a different way of addressing their needs.

Papers deadline: 18 January 2013
Workshop: 24 March 2013

More information at the Group Membership and Search site.

CLEF 2012 Proceedings on-line

CLEF 2012 The proceedings of the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF 2012) are on-line at Springer, titled: “Information Access Evaluation meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Visual Analytics”. CLEF will take place from 17 to 20 September in Rome, Italy. The proceedings contain 14 full papers, 3 short papers, and 2 keynote papers to be presented at the conference in Rome. The papers are organized in three topical sections: benchmarking and evaluation initiatives; information access; and evaluation methodologies and infrastructure.

See: CLEF 2012 proceedings.

ECIR 2013 Call for Tutorials

35th ECIR
European Conference on Information Retrieval

Moscow, Russia
24-27 March 2013

The goal of the ECIR 2013 Tutorials is to offer conference attendees and local participants a stimulating and informative selection of tutorials reflecting current topics in information retrieval and related areas. Proposals are invited for tutorials of either a half-day (3 hours plus breaks) or full day (6 hours plus breaks). Each tutorial should cover a single topic in detail on state-of-the-art methods in core information retrieval, related research or novel and emerging applications. The tutorials will take place on 24 March, 2013. Deadline for tutorial submission is 16 September 2012.

More information at the ECIR 2013 web site.