#OSSYM2023 at CERN

The Open Search Symposium #OSSYM2023 brings together the Open Internet Search community in Europe for the fifth time this year. The interactive conference provides a forum to discuss and further develop the ideas and concepts of open internet search. Participants include researchers, data centres, libraries, policy makers, legal and ethical experts, and society.

#OSSYM2023 takes place at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland on 4-6 October 2023 organized by the Open Search Foundation. The Call for Papers ends 31 May 2023.

More info at: https://opensearchfoundation.org/5th-international-open-search-symposium-ossym2023/

Open Web Search project kicked off

Today, we kick-off our new EU project OpenWebSearch.eu. In the project, we develop a new architecture for search engines where many parts of the system will be decentralized. The key idea is to separate index construction from the search engines themselves, where the most expensive step to create index shards can be carried out on large clusters while the search engine itself can be operated locally.

We also envision an Open-Web-Search Engine Hub, where companies and individuals can share their specifications of search engines and pre-computed, regularly updated search indices. We think of this as a search engine mash-up, that would enable a new future of human-centric search without privacy concerns.

More information at: https://openwebsearch.eu/partners/radboud-university/

Open Search Symposium 2022

10-12 October 202 at CERN

The Open Search Symposium series (#OSSYM) provides a forum to discuss and advance the ideas and concepts of Open Internet search in Europe. This year’s #OSSYM2022 takes place at CERN and online from 10-12 October 2022. The programme is great with for instance on Monday a keynote from Tomáš “Word2Vec” Mikolov, on Tuesday a track with alternative search engines including Raphael Auphan (the CEO of Qwant), Isabel Claus (founder of the B-to-B engine thinkers.ai), and Joseph Cullhead (alexandria.org, a Swedish nonprofit organization with a low budget search engine). Wednesday has a panel discussion about the ethics of search.

[Register now via CERN]