Composable Markov Building Blocks at DBDBD


Yesterday, Sander Evers presented his composable Markov building blocks at the Dutch Belgian Database Day (DBDBD) in Eindhoven.

The DBDBD is a yearly one-day workshop organized in a Belgian or Dutch university, whose general topic is database research. DBDBD had presentations on a broad range of database and database-related topics, including but not limited to data storage and management, theoretical database issues, database performance, data mining, information retrieval, data semantics, querying, ontologies etc.

Read more on the DBDBD site

SIKS research methodology course team photo

See below the brave SIKS students that successfully finished the course Research methods and methodology. The primary goal of this hands-on course is to enable Ph.D. students to make a good research design for their own research project. To this end, it provides an interactive training in various elements of research design, such as the conceptual design and the research planning. But the course also contains a general introduction to the philosophy of science (and particularly to the philosophy of mathematics, computer science and AI). And, it addresses such divergent topics as “the case-study method”, “elementary research methodology for the empirical sciences” and “empirical methods for computer science”.

SIKS team photo

A funeral for the Prisma machine

The PRISMA project was a large-scale research effort in the design and implementation of highly parallel data processing on a 100 node shared-nothing architecture. It was organized as a nationwide Dutch research activity with combined forces from four universities, a governmental research institute, and Philips Research Laboratories. It ran from 1986 until end of 1990 and was manned with thirty persons…
Today we put the PRISMA machine to its final resting place.

Read the papers from the Prisma project.