Plenary project meeting: 25 May, 1/2 h.

We have planned the plenary project meeting for XML&DB-2 on 25 May, 1/2 hour.

What: XML&DB-2 plenary project meeting
When: Wednesday 25 May, 1/2 hour (8.30 – 10.15 h.)
Where: ZI-3126

Each group will be asked to give a 5 minute overview of the status of the project. After the overview, there will be another 5 minutes for discussion. Please address the following issues

  1. What problem does your group solve?
  2. What are your research questions?
  3. What solutions do you propose / what approach are you going to take?
  4. Preliminary results, partial answer of research questions, and status of the research paper.
  5. Identify risks that might prevent you from finishing the project in time (e.g., we still do not have realistic XML data to test our approach)

Please let us know if you are unable to participate in the meeting. If you want to use a small PDF or Powerpoint slide show, please put it as an attachment to a “reaction” (see 'cartoon' button left of this news item).

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We’ve started!

At the kick-off meeting, the following things were discussed:

  • One project is done by 1 or 2 persons (150 hours per person).
  • For each projects a small research paper of about 3000 words needs to be written in English.
  • Projects can be chosen from the list in the Archive, but it is also possible to formulate your own project.
  • Once you chose your project (dead line below), make an appointment with the lecturer that is responsible (either Maurice or Djoerd).
  • There will be two more plenary meetings: One half way to discuss the progress and share ideas and experiences. And one after 10 June with small presentations on the project results. Announcements will follow.

Dead lines

  • Dead line for choosing a project: 28 April (send an email to one of the lecturers)
  • Firm dead line for project: 24 June. Reports handed in after 24 June will get a lower grade. (tip: plan to finish your project on 10 June)

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Kick-off: Thu 21 April, 3/4, ZI-3126

The kick-off meeting will take place tomorrow:

Thursday 21 April, 3/4 hour in ZI-3126.

Registration for the course went up from 14 to 21 students this week. For people that cannot make it tomorrow, Maurice and I arranged a small meeting on Friday 22 April, 5/6 hour in ZI-3126. As a preparation for the kick-off meeting, please read the small project descriptions on TeleTOP. Projects can be done in groups of two persons.

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Kick-off meeting next Thursday or Friday

  • We will have a kick-off meeting with all participants next week Thursday 21 April or Friday 22 April. Please let us know as soon as possible what slots (1/2, 3/4, 5/6 or 7/8) you really cannot be at the meeting. After receiving that information we, will announce the exact time and location.
  • XML & Databases 1 is a prerequisite for this course. It is sufficient if you have finished the home work series of XML&DB 1.

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